About Us

About Us

Intacore was formed from a deep understanding of IT services industry. With the founding partners previously working within small to medium size enterprises, large international service integrators and investment banks. We possess the right mix of experience, to understand the vast and varying needs of businesses in all shapes and sizes. This enables us to quickly identify and assist our clients with their business needs first, while also setting a strategic road map for the future.

Our vision for Intacore Managed IT Services, is long term and is underpinned with our goal to deliver high quality IT services to businesses. Whilst leverage new and emerging technologies to allow our clients to stay completive.

We're often asked as to how do you retain the personality of your business whilst you grow? It's a good question, but one that we strive to keep at the front of our thoughts. Our job is pressurised, there is no escaping that. Technology is fundamental in so many different enterprise sectors now that being without IT could be crippling.

We understand this and feel the pressure of this too, so at times things can be really hard going. But there is nothing better than the feeling people have been helped, problems have been solved and the sense of achievement because we've all learned something new

Our Staff

What's our secret weapon?... Our great staff

At the heart of our mission to deliver a superior customer experience is our team of dedicated and passionate professionals, who are committed to exceeding customer expectations every day. Intacore puts Service First and it shows!

A Company-wide Principle

Our customer support teams are made up of technical support representatives, billing support representatives, and customer service representatives. Their mission is to listen to and provide the customers' perspective to the rest of the company, resolve customer issues in a friendly and empathetic way and be the ambassadors of Intacore's "Service First" value system. But, our customer-facing support teams are not the only people who represent these values-every employee at Intacore shares a common desire and commitment to delivering an excellent customer experience. In fact, every member of the senior management team began his/her tenure at Intacore as a customer service representative.

The real proof is in the pudding

If our customer service values describe you, why not join a winning team? Check out our current job opportunities now. For more information on any of our services please contact us on 020 393 1599 or email solutions@intacore.co.uk

Ray Woods

Our client Ray Woods says:"I would be happy to recommend Intacore, their staff have provided us with an ideal solution to help us grow our business."

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