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Intacore | Hosted Virtual Desktop Video

Today Intacore has announced the release of it's introductory video to highlight the companies superior Hosted Virtual Desktops Solution, targeted at SMB's to Enterprises.

The 11 minute video demonstration is available on youtube HERE.

The company has provided 10 great reasons why businesses should consider Hosted Virtual Desktops for their business.

1. Little or No Capital Expenditure
The solution offers clients a fixed monthly pricing model. This significantly reduces the cost of hardware refreshes while also offering you predictable monthly pricing, enabling you to budget your IT expenditure more effectively.

2. Integrates with key Business Applications
Run your critical business applications connected to a Hosted Desktop. The hosted desktop can support the following applications and many more.

  • Sage
  • Quickbooks
  • Act
  • Goldmine

3. Enterprise Grade Services and Applications
The company offers a range of additional cloud computing services which integrate seamlessly into the hosted desktops, to cater for growing business demands.

  • Hosted Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • Virtual Servers
  • VoIP
  • Cloud Backup

4. Flexibility with Microsoft Office packages

  • Microsoft Office Standard/Professional Plus
  • Microsoft Visio Standard/Professional
  • Microsoft Project Standard/Professional
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Professional

5. Accessible Anytime, Anywhere
With flexible working becoming ever more common, businesses are now looking for ways to enable employees to work remotely as well as collaboratively. The Shared File Storage solution bolts on to the existing Hosted Virtual Desktop environment giving users the ability to create and share documents without the need of additional virtual servers. It is simply presented to all HVD users with as an easily accessible mapped drive where they can create, modify, and delete files and folders. The company can also provide clients with the capability to manage file and folder permissions by subscribing to their Management Suite.

6. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
If an office is condemned, for instance, and the company is unable to go back inside it, hosted desktops allow businesses immediate access from another location – staff can simply go to another office and get working again, or work from home, or even a coffee shop.

7. Security
Moving to our cloud service will enable businesses to take advantage of the Intacore’s enterprise grade security and remove the burden of creating and maintaining local security policies. All data stored on the virtual desktop will be completely isolated from the physical device so in the event of a lost device or theft, no sensitive data is lost.

8. Highly Scalable
The flexibility in solution enables businesses virtual desktop estate to grow seamlessly. Businesses can simply add or remove system resources as your business needs dictate.

9. Pay As You Use
Clients only pay for what you consume with a monthly flexible pricing model. This means you are free to add or remove virtual desktops whenever the need arises.

10. Resilience
All of Intacore’s data centres are either tier 3 or tier 4 rated which means we have multiple redundant network paths and dual powered servers and AC units. This enables us to provide you with a high availability SLA of 99.99%.

Can these Services Integrate with Existing IT Systems?
While our HVD solution offers many benefits over traditional desktop pc infrastructure we are aware that they are not suited to every situation, such as graphically intensive CAD applications. With our solution, you can create a hybrid desktop infrastructure, using our HVD for the majority of office workers while using traditional desktops for certain user profiles.

The Intacore Hosted Desktop, Hosted Virtual Desktop and Virtual Desktop solution suits the needs of a wide of businesses. Remote Desktop solutions work best when applied to "knowledge Based" workers.

Here are just a few practical examples:

  • Solicitors
  • Surveyors
  • Property Developers
  • Estate Agents
  • Financial Services
  • Health Care
  • Construction

Contact us today for more information

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