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Soonr Cloud Storage

Soonr Cloud Storage

Ensuring data is secure but also accessible to all of your colleagues, partners, co-workers and customers is a difficult task. This data could be corporate documents, contracts, software etc. Up until now, sharing it between users in the same office has been easy via a basic file server or a shared NAS drive. However, more and more people are working remotely, data sizes are increasing and businesses need to share large amounts of data outside of their organisation. Intacore’s collaboration from the cloud solves these issues.

Intacore’s Snoor Cloud Storage allows you to:

Reduce IT Burden - Get started in minutes; no hardware or software to install, maintain or update.

Increase Adoption - Mobile access, easy collaboration, Sync – all in a tool you provide.

Robust Security - SAS 70 II certification, 99.9% uptime guarantee

How It Works

Today’s enterprise content management solutions are complex, cumbersome and costly. Intacore’s Cloud Storage platform is intuitive, scalable, affordable and provides sophisticated security and admin controls.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

With Intacore’s Cloud Storage, users view and share content from their desktops, laptops and mobile devices while IT retains full control and oversight.

How to use Soonr

Soonr makes it easy to work remotely with teams.

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File sharing through the web with microsoft sharepoint


Share information and work collaboratively with partners, co-workers and customers in a central, web-based location. Our hosted SharePoint collaboration services provide an always-available place to share project plans, ideas, contacts, announcements, calendars and anything else your team needs in order to get the job done.


  • Accessible from any location with an internet enabled device
  • Low cost per user
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Out of the box "look and feel" templates
  • Integrates with all Microsoft products including Hosted Exchange
  • Sites secured with SSL 128-bit encryption
  • Anti-Virus protection

Document Sharing
Users can browse a document library to share documents with team members. Document libraries support features such as sub-folders, file versioning and check-in/check-out. Using a compatible XML editor, create a form library for your XML-based business reports or purchase orders. Using the search engine, team members can query most lists and all document libraries that are on the SharePoint site. They can search the entire site or a single list within it, or they can search for a particular contact in the contact list.

Team Workspaces
Your Team Workspace is a web environment focusing on one or more tasks, projects or documents, such as a product launch, a company rebranding effort or a new customer. Team members work together on documents and periodically update copies that have been saved to the Team Workspace site.

Administrators (and team members with 'create sub-site' rights) can generate a Team Workspace site from any compatible Microsoft Office 2007 application (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint), or by using a web browser to access a document list on the SharePoint site.

SharePoint uses document tracking/versioning, helping your team efficiently track and manage document creation and editing. Creating a Team Workspace site with shared attachments enables team members to email a review link to other team members who then have the ability to scroll back to previous versions or retrieve deleted data.

Meeting Workspaces
A Meeting Workspace site offers a productive approach to workgroup collaboration. Similar to a Team Workspace site, it enables team members to manage meetings and documents by using web parts (page components), lists and document libraries. Using Microsoft Outlook 2007, you can send meeting notices and invitations to team members. This automatically creates a Meeting Workspace; or you can create a Meeting Workspace in your SharePoint site via a web browser.

Secure file storage and data collaboration without change

Hosting your file server can mean not only better protected, more secure data, but accessibility anywhere.

More and more businesses are moving their typical officer file server on to a hosted platform to ensure that their important business data (such as customer information, financial information, documents and more) are looked after, backed up and protected by both physical and electronic security measures. Losing valuable data can cost a business thousands of pounds and countless hours of delay.

By using a versatile hosted file server, you can access your files over the internet or with secure VPN, just like a mapped network drive - from anywhere in the world. Control permissions and security on your folders and data easily whenever and however you wish. A hosted file server presents no difference in terms of usability from a normal office file server.

Your file server is isolated from other any other users and provides you with full control and access to the data any time.

Each hosted file server resides on Intacore's cloud platform, meaning that it is always highly available, residing on the latest data centre storage equipment and kept safe for you at all times.

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