Virtualisation has made cloud computing a reality. Driving a revolutionary paradigm shift in how infrastructure and computing power are delivered, virtualisation involves much more than the replacement of physical IT assets with a virtual environment; it involves the transformation of business processes as well as the IT environment to maximize the measurable benefits and sustainable efficiencies that virtualization can bring — operational efficiencies, cost-base efficiencies, management efficiencies and environmental efficiencies.

Intacore offers a suite of transformation solutions ranging from initial adoption strategy to virtualisation transformation and optimisation programs to ensure that you are able to maximise and maintain the benefits from your virtualisation investments.

We leverage our capability in Professional Services to deliver the most efficient cloud platform available today with industry-leading service level agreements. With a focus on Operational Readiness, we work with you to align your operational procedures with your new solutions framework to achieve optimal business results. As we strive for ISO 9001 and 27001 accreditation, we are a highly transparent and compliant organisation aligning to international standards in operations, security and processes.

Virtualisation is about much more than consolidation; by addressing an organisation’s information needs and systems from a holistic perspective, virtualisation represents a fundamental — and transformational — change in the way that mission-critical information systems are delivered. As a result of partnering with Intacore to maximize the benefits that virtualisation can produce, our clients are consistently recognised by their peers as industry leaders in the intelligent applications of information technology.

Migration & Consolidation

Migrating systems is always a worrying aspect of any IT project. At Intacore we strive towards complete seamless transition, since each step of the project is governed, by a set of strict rules and procedures. This makes it much easier change on to an On-Premise or Hosted virtualised solution, be it in small phases, individual tactical deployments, or a one-off changes across the business. Our IT Consultants and Engineers will work closely with your organisation to plan and specify what needs to be done, how and when, so there’s no downtime to your users, just an easy, defined path for them to step onto the new system.

At Intacore we use best of breed technology, to ensure the secure and successful migration of data and services is achieved. Any migration we undertake is planned using our experienced project managers, the appropriate technical resource and client managers. We have experience in migrating both individual departments and whole organisations, as well as moving files, data, email and other applications, so when a user logs back in on Monday morning, they’re presented with a familiar environment and can start work straight away.

Our robust structured program, demonstrates our quality and commitment to client satisfaction.

Carl Stevenson

Our client Carl Stevenson says:"The ease and speed of deploying services and the levels of service and support they provide, made choosing them as a key partner an obvious choice for me..."

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