At Intacore we appreciate that every business is unique, facing different challenges. Yet we also realise the importance of using the Internet to shape performance and have the capacity to plan, supply and support direct customers.

Our client centric ethos is designed to help our users discover the balance between operational efficiency and increased productivity through a high performance phone system. Unlike traditional telephony vendors, Intacore understands the need to deliver across key operational areas.

Works With Any Phone

Use Intacore VoIP with Skype, GoogleTalk, VoIP, SIP, landline, or mobile phone.

Local and Toll-Free Numbers

Intacore can assign you a local number in over 40 countries, and thousands of cities. Want a toll-free / 800 number? Intacore can provide that too!

Call Forwarding

Send calls to anywhere in the world. Calls can be forwarded to Skype, GoogleTalk, VOIP, landlines or mobile phones.

Multi-Call Capability

Don’t be limited by your ability to accept multiple calls. With Intacore, you can accept an unlimited number of calls at a time.

Call Reports | Data Visualization

Use our analytics-heavy approach to Call Reporting to craft the ultimate Customer Service strategy.

Gorgeous Design

Personalize Your Hold Music

Keep your customers engaged while they are on hold, by using personalized hold music, or a custom message.


Customizable Greetings

Create custom greetings based on business and non-business hours. Don’t like recording your own voice? Use our text-to-speech function to create greetings in male or female voices with various accents.

Call Routing

Route calls based on the departments and employee extensions that you create, or based on who’s available at particular hours. Give your customers the option to use a dial by name directory.

Voicemail to Email Notifications

Miss a call? Receive an email with the voicemail audio file and listen to it directly from your email client − anywhere, any time.

Screen Your Calls

Intacore makes it easy to filter out unnecessary calls. Don’t pick up the phone until you’ve seen the Caller ID and/or Call Route.

Record Any Calls

Get an edge over your competitors by recording your client calls to improve your Customer Experience strategy.

Distribute Your Calls Automatically

Got a call centre? Intacore will automatically route your calls to the appropriate (or available) agent.

Plans and Pricing

No more expensive upfront costs for on-site hardware or infrastructure, our customers typically see savings of up to 50% on hardware expenditure and call costs.

Single Business User

  • Users 1
  • Locations 1
  • Groups 0
  • 100 + Features
  • Optional Monthly or Yearly Fees
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Medium/Large Business Users

(Min 20 users)
  • Users 20
  • Locations 15
  • Groups 25
  • 100 + Features
  • Optional Monthly or Yearly Fees
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 30-day free trial work?
Sign up now for a Single Business User trial account and enjoy 30 days of using 1 free UK temporary test phone number and full access to all of our options and features without a monthly fee or binding contract. If you decide that you don’t want to continue using Intacore’s VoIP service after the trial period you don’t have to do anything: your trial will end automatically and no monthly fees will be applied.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. There are no hidden surcharges. Intacore’s VoIP service is a pay-as-you-go service. You only pay for the extensions and the calls you make beyond your first 60 free domestic minutes. Domestic calls start at 1.00 p/min* and international calls start at 1.55 p/min*.

How many phone numbers do I get?

You can have as many phone numbers as you want and easily add more numbers anytime. All of the above plans come with one free (local or national) phone number. Additional numbers can be booked for a monthly fee and, in some cases, a setup fee. One number will cost you just £1.95* per month. A block of 3 numbers is available at £4.95* per month while a block of 10 numbers is just £9.95* per month.

Can I keep my existing numbers?

Generally, we are able to port your number/s to sipgate. There are however some providers and certain area codes that we are unable to port over from.

Do I need to buy any hardware?

No hardware, no software, no installs if you already have regular SIP compliant VoIP phones. If you don’t, you can get up and running today with softphone applications on your computers and smartphones. See our Help Centre for personalised setup guides!



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